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16 mai 2018: 1 événement


  • Séminaires du Pôle 3 : "Sciences des données"

    Mercredi 16 mai 2018 11:00-12:00 - Sébastien Destercke - UTC/Heudiasic

    Séminaires du Pôle 3 - Imprecise probabilities as a way to robustify classification models

    Résumé : Imprecise probability theory offers an elegant framework to
    include indecision as an axiomatic basis of uncertainty modelling. In
    classification problems, it allows one to make (partial) rejections
    without the specific need to quantify corresponding costs. In this
    talk, I will recall the basic ideas of Walley’s theory, and then will
    illustrative its application to the simple case of naive Bayes
    classification. I will then briefly speak about more recent learning
    problems considered by such approaches, as well as existing

    Lieu : C108

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